Our Story

Three years ago we founded Letterbox Farm, a collectively owned and operated commercial farm in Hudson, NY.  We are a young, quickly growing start-up, working to build a diverse and sustainable farm.   We tend 64 acres of fields, woods, ravines, and mountainside, just outside downtown Hudson. Our river town is home  to 7,000 diverse residents and a burgeoning new economy based on food, arts and culture.   

What We Do

.We raise special vegetables, herbs, pork, chicken, eggs, and rabbit using best practices in animal welfare and organic management.  We distribute our goods through two farmers markets (Rhinebeck NY and Chappaqua NY), a fleet of restaurants in the valley and Manhattan, and a full-diet CSA.

Outside the work day, we undertake research and community organizing projects that benefit the farm community and our local economy.  We also host farm dinners and events that celebrate seasonality and place.

Our Mission

To develop a exemplary diversified farm that takes care of land, takes care of people, and generates real wealth in our community.


  • Produce exceptional food that is rich in nutrition and rich in heritage.

  • Engage a broad set of stakeholders in our many layers of community: farmers, chefs, customers, fellow businesses and neighbors here in our hometown.

  • Support our farmers and workers with living wages, diverse work, and adequate time to rest and maintain their lives.

  • Be excellent stewards of soil and place.

Our Model

Letterbox is the combined effort of a invested team.  We have organized our business much like a worker co-op, in which the three of us co-own the farm business equally, distribute responsibilities fairly, and and make key decisions collectively.  We support each other to focus and excel at each of our enterprises, while also getting to create (and eat from!) a well-rounded, highly diverse farm.  Working as a team means extra organization and clear communication.  It also means sharing the thrills and challenges of building this farm, with an all-star mix of skills, temperaments and talents.   


FAITH GILBERT serves as vegetable manager and administrative lead for Letterbox, and works one on one with our chef clients.  She is a fourth-year farmer, researcher, and organizer.  She is the author of Cooperative Farming, a how-to handbook on forming collaborative farm ventures.  Outside the workday, you'll find her volunteer-organizing community initiatives - or making chicken dinners.

LASZLO LAZAR grew up farming, is a VoAg grad, and spent 6 years as a park ranger for the Army Corps of Engineers before he returned to farming for good.  He and Nichki manage an ever-growing array of livestock at Letterbox, but when he's not tending animals he's fixing the broken stuff while listening to public radio.

NICHKI CARANGELO has the distinction of working in more of the farm's enterprises than anybody else.  Tending livestock is her first love, but you can also find her in the garden, managing the market stand, or taking her sheepdog for a ride in the jeep.

Contact Us


PO Box 84 / Hudson, NY 12534