A cooperative is both a type of business and an attitude, and this guide covers both--the cooperative farm as a shared enterprise for profit and a model for mutual support, not competition. 


This guide is an easily digestible, practical resource for farmers intended to guide readers through the start-up phase of their own pasture-based rabbitry. It includes a full enterprise budget along with housing plans, sample breeding schedules, feed guidelines and other rabbit husbandry basics. Click the image above for a free download.


This guidebook explores farm equipment sharing programs around the country and abroad.  Compiled from interviews with 20 individuals and organizations along with secondary research and input from legal and financial consultants, the guide contains project profiles, a breakdown of considerations for starting an equipment-sharing program, a toolkit for organizers, and template legal documents. Funded by Northeast SARE.

Template Co-Ownership Agreement

Template Framework for Equipment Sharing LLC Operating Agreement