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Letterbox specializes in production for restaurants.  Some of our clients include:

Momofuku Ko, Manhattan, NY

Fish and Game, Hudson, NY

Crimson Sparrow, Hudson, NY

Hudson Food Studio, Hudson, NY

Swoon KitchenBar, Hudson, NY

Truck Pizza, Hudson, NY

Bonfiglio & Bread, Hudson, NY

Panzur, Tivoli, NY

Gaskins, Germantown, NY

We will be delivering to locations in the Hudson Valley, lower Manhattan, and Brooklyn in the 2015 season (June - October).  We provide weekly produce availability lists and are happy to work with you on growing a variety you particularly love.  Here are some foods we think you’ll love this year:

Fava Beans | Shishito and Padron Peppers | Spring Onions | Watermelon Radishes | Chicories | Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes | Fairy Tale Eggplant | Fennel | Celery Root | Mexican Sour Gherkins | Young Ginger | Papalo | Shungiku | Shiso | Chervil | Lovage | Baby Greens | Nasturtium | Tangerine Marigolds

After many years of working in kitchens ourselves, we think we get the drill: regular communications; professional and to the point; dropoffs during dead hour; produce that’s grown, harvested, cleaned, and packaged with thought to how you’ll use it.

To receive our weekly availability lists, email letterboxcollective@gmail.com.