We deliver weekly to restaurants, shops and farms in the Greater Hudson Area and have pick up locations in Westchester and Dutchess Counties. NYC and Capital Region deliveries can be arranged by request.

After many years of working in kitchens ourselves, we think we get the drill: regular communications; professional and to the point; dropoffs during dead hour; produce that’s grown, harvested, cleaned, and packaged with thought to how you’ll use it.

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Letterbox specializes in production for restaurants.  Some of our clients include:

Momofuku Ko, Manhattan, NY

Fish and Game, Hudson, NY

Talbott & Arding, Hudson, NY

Hudson Food Studio, Hudson, NY

Swoon Kitchen Bar, Hudson, NY

Aeble, Hudson, NY

Bonfiglio & Bread, Athens, NY

Le Perche, Hudson, NY

Gaskins, Germantown, NY

We provide weekly produce availability lists and are happy to work with you on growing a variety you particularly love.  Here are some foods we think you’ll love this year:

Fava Beans | Shishito and Padron Peppers | Spring Onions | Watermelon Radishes | Chicories | Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes | Fairy Tale Eggplant | Fennel | Celery Root | Mexican Sour Gherkins | Young Ginger | Papalo | Shungiku | Shiso | Chervil | Lovage | Baby Greens | Nasturtium | Tangerine Marigolds