We are no longer hiring for 2017.  However, we invite prospective crew members to visit the farm this season for crew applications in 2018.  We also accept volunteers!  See below for crew member roles.



This member of the crew will spend 50% of their week working independently and/or with the livestock manager on animal care and management. This crew member will spend roughly 50% their week performing core responsibilities in vegetable production tasks, harvesting, and other whole-farm duties, and 50% of their week working independently and/or with the livestock manager on animal care and management. This employee can expect to develop the skills, knowledge, and intuition needed to manage a small commercial livestock operation. Responsibilities include:

  • daily animal chores 4-5x per week (feeding & watering livestock, moving chicken tractors, cleaning the barn, collecting and washing eggs)
  • moving livestock throughout pasture, setting and checking fencelines,
  • loading livestock for processing, which includes working evening hours twice monthly to crate meatbirds. (While most of our animals are processed off-site, you may be asked to participate in a limited amount of on-site processing when the need arises.)
  • Closing in the animals at night, on a rotating schedule
  • Joining the garden team for twice-weekly harvest days and performing other vegetable production tasks (~10 hours per week)
  • Performing other whole-farm maintenance tasks such as mowing, repairs, supply and feed runs, and deliveries.

Position runs April - December, 40-46 hours/week


Our 2.5 acre market garden is managed and maintained as a three- to four-person team. These crew members will spend 80% of their week of their week working independently and/or as a crew on producing and harvesting vegetables, greens, herbs, and flowers. The other 20% may include attending farmers markets, CSA distribution, grounds maintenance tasks or other projects.

The season begins with intensive training and working closely with the vegetable manager. Crew members are expected to gain responsibility and autonomy as the season progresses. By mid-season, crew members will be assigned leadership in various production tasks (i.e. greens seeding and transplanting; BCS tractor work) based on talent and interest. By the end of the season, each member of the crew should feel confident to lead most vegetable production tasks independently.

Garden team crew members will:

  • Participate in 3 main harvest days per week (15-20 hours)
  • Perform all tasks related to vegetable production: Operating BCS walk-behind tractor, transplanting by hand or with paper pot transplanter, direct seeding in the field, hand cultivation, irrigating, greenhouse seeding and watering, logging production records, crop care and pest prevention practices (20-25 hours)
  • Assume responsibility for one or more production-related tasks
  • Staff one of our weekend farmers markets or CSA distribution
  • Assist in pack-out for wholesale, CSA and markets


  • At least 1 year of full-time work in farming, or, related fields such as landscaping, culinary work, etc.
  • Strong work ethic and an eye for both quality and efficiency
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills; patience, flexibility, and emotional maturity.
  • Applicants should have a strong understanding of the physical requirements of working on a farm and being outside in all kinds of weather.
  • The ability to lift 50 lbs, repeatedly
  • A valid US drivers license and a clean driving record

Positions run 7 months from April-November or May-December, 36-46 hrs/week.


Compensation is $1500-$1750/month plus a full-diet CSA share (meat, eggs, vegetables, a $1000+ value). Housing is not included; having personal transportation is necessary. However, we are within two miles of downtown Hudson, with good local housing options available. Employees will receive 2 days of paid sick leave/vacation time during the season.



Please send a cover letter, resume, and two farm-related references to letterboxcollective@gmail.com.