Please Note: The 2016 Bulk Sale is Currently Closed. To be added to the waitlist, please email us at

Welcome to our winter bulk sale program!  We offer bulk pricing and freezer storage so our customers can ensure their supply of humane,  pasture-raised, non-GMO chicken  through the winter months.  We offer several box sizes + optional cutting services for an additional fee.  Boxes are sold by weight, meaning that the number of birds will vary per box.



40 lbs (9-12 chickens)

$205 - a 10% discount


60 lbs (12-17 chickens)

$305 - a 12% discount


80 lbs (17-23 chickens)

$395 - a 15% discount


Have your birds cut the way you want them, by ordering any combination of whole, half, or quartered birds.  Half chickens are wrapped one half per package.  Quartered birds are cut into four pieces - 2 breast & wing, 2 leg & thigh.  These cuts are bone-in and skin-on and are wrapped in packages of two. There is a $1.00 per bird cutting fee.


Storage is available in our freezers until April 1, 2016.  If you choose to store your birds in our freezers, you will need to notify our staff by text or email 24 hours before picking up, so that we can bring your birds to the front freezer for you. (To avoid confusion and missing chickens, it's very important that you notify us in advance and take ONLY birds labeled with your name). 


All of our birds are fed a non-GMO, no-spray feed grown and milled at Hudson's own Stonehouse Farm & Mill.  They are raised on pasture in mobile coops that are moved daily to provide constant access to fresh, clean forage.  Our birds are a heritage breed with a rich texture and flavor.  They are humanely slaughtered at a reputable state-licensed facility.